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Backwoods Cooking July 2016


Mystery Hike September 2016

In September we held our inaugural Scout Section Mystery Hike and had a great day. 17 Scouts from 1st Frankby Greasby, 5th Heswall, 1st Newton and 1st Barnston took part.

On arrival at the mystery location, the heavens opened but we were not to be deterred and set off on our hike. Within a short while the rain stopped and we had sunshine for the rest of the day.


Taking it in turns to navigate by following clues and completing tasks along the way the Scouts guided us through 6 miles of countryside including some muddy forest paths that proved a little tricky to pass in places!


All of the Scouts that took part successfully achieved one hike away award.



Campfire November 2016


In July we held our Backwoods Cooking Competition. We had better participation this year with six patrols taking part.


Thanks to all of the leaders who gave up their time to help on the day and to 3rd Heswall for the use of your HQ and grounds.


Winners on the day were 4th Moreton who created a very interesting menu!


The McClure Salver for Most Outstanding Scout went to Katie from 5th Heswall who demonstrated excellent teamwork and worked hard throughout the day.


Well done to all who took part as well as to the winners.



Another great turn out for camp fire this year with Scouts from 3rd Hesawall, 5th Heswall, 6th Heswall, 1st Frankby Greasy and 7th Moreton taking part; around 50 Scouts in all.


Huge thanks to 1FG for use of thier grounds , to the leaders from 5th for fire marshalling, the leaders from 7th for leading the singing and of course to all the Scouts who took part a massive well done!


A brilliant night, lots of fun was had, with singing, merriment, hot chocoloate, marshmallows and smiles on faces


West Wirral Scout Section


Thursday 16th February 2017

St Andrews HQ

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